Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Watermelon

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4 min readJul 27, 2021

Watermelon Nutritional Benefits

As the global warming takes its toll with the temperature soaring each day to new heights, we surely look for any form of relief from the summer heat. The scorching summer heat surely makes our life a burning hell, and we continuously keep looking for options to cool down ourselves.

Although water sports and theme parks become the craze of the season, but they surely are not enough to keep us cool. To keep our body, mind and soul cool we need something cooler to eat.

What else can be better than watermelon under such a consideration!? Watermelon is the king fruit of the summer, relieving us from the perilous heat and humid air.

Most of us eat watermelon for test and fun. The instant relief with the sweet, juicy calmness is a sheer blessing in the summer season.

The green, red or white variety whichever type of water melon be it- when served as triangular wedges with a slight sprinkle of salt, turns the mood in a heavenly flow, where soothing cool breeze blows around us as we savor the delicious slice.

It makes us forget all the seriousness and torture that has crowded our life and brings an inner peace to our body. But driven by the fun, we often forget the watermelon nutritional benefits that adds to us.

Watermelon is packed with a vast array of nutrients and hydrates; and it is almost zero in fat content. It is time we acknowledge the watermelon nutritional benefits summer fruit and consider making it an integral part of our dishes.

This all start fruit has been used till now as a snack with very minimal role in our meals. But slowly several trans-continental cuisine are coming up with a major part of watermelon content in them.

VITAMINS In Watermelon

Watermelon is packed with a unique array of vitamins like vitamin A. Thus it is great for our eyes. It enhances our eye vision and elongates healthy functioning of our eyes even in our old age.

Watermelon is also packed with another crucial and tasty vitamin which is always needed for our immunity, wound healing, healthier gums and teeth, and also quick recovery from cell damage. Yes, we are talking about the vitamin C. It is also packed with vitamin B6, which plays crucial role in proper functioning of our brain and protein metabolism.

MINERAL In Watermelon

We all crave for food containing potassium. Often suggested and advised by doctors as the mineral which helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body, and maintaining the blood pressure at the optimum level. We advertise spinach as the one containing a lot of potassium. But we never noticed that watermelon has the same amount of potassium too.

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The richness of vitamins and minerals does not bring an end to the qualities of watermelon. There is more to come. People are often advised to eat tomatoes. Mostly the reason is the richness of anti-oxidants like lycopene which helps in saving us from several types of cancers and also promotes healthy functioning of the heart. It is a well known fact that anti- oxidants save us from heart attacks.

What was not known to us till now is watermelon contains more anti- oxidants than tomatoes. Watermelon is a prime source of lycopene which is always a necessary ingredient of our diet chart and is suggested by all doctors for a safer heart.

Apart from that watermelon also contains several amino acids like arginine, citruline and many more; which helps in maintaining the blood flow and keeping the blood channels healthy.

The blood vessels especially the major arteries need these amino acids to function properly. Thus watermelon helps in keeping your cardio vascular system healthy and fit.

Looking at the vast array of benefits that we get from watermelon, we may wonder how such sweetness is combined with so many minerals, vitamins and amino acids to create the magical lightness and cool juice that we love to have on any summer day. We mostly have watermelon as salad, combines with other fruits and touched with a pinch of salt.

It can be had alone with a hint of salt too. Over- sweetening often spoils the great taste that the fruit has to offer to our taste buds. While having it make sure to clean it properly and also to choose the semi ripened juicy ones. So this summer cool down the heat with the heavenly taste of the watermelon.

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