Impressive Health Benefits Of Lettuce

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Lettuce is a vegetable which is highly rich in its nutritional values. This vegetable is usually used in our salads we use them to decorate our salad but it also contains lots of healthy benefits. Lettuce contains huge amount of vitamins more likely vitamin C

which is known as antiscorbutic. Nutritional benefits of lettuce are very high. In today’s life lettuce has become very common in salads as a basic ingredient. Lettuce is large in size with tender leaves usually light green in color, red or purple color are also found which are of different variety.

Rich Source of vitamins

Lettuce is rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A is largely found in the leaves of lettuce and also beta carotene. Lettuce has so much of vitamin A that it can fulfill your daily necessity of it if consumed daily. Lettuce consists of calcium in adequate amount which can increase the bone density and prevent them from osteoporosis.

Prevent Cancer

Lettuce has an ability to prevent lung cancer and mouth cancer due to the presence of vitamin A which is seems to be among huge nutritional benefits of lettuce. Lettuce is also helpful to improve eyesight. Lettuce is also rich in fiber.

Lettuce provides adequate amount of fiber to the body which is helpful in preventing colon problems due to this you will be having fewer digestive problems. This also prevents heart disease and useful for losing weight. Lettuce is a rich source of vitamin k and chlorophyll. It also has large amount of mineral salts with alkali elements. These components are useful in keeping blood clean and maintaining good health.

Rich Source of lutein and beta- carotene

Lettuce is a rich source of lutein and beta- carotene and also provides calcium, folate and iron. Vitamin A is helpful for blood clot. Other than these it also consist of Vitamin B6, folic acid lycopene, zeaxanthin and potassium.

Alkaloids are also found in lettuce which causes therapeutic effect. Lettuce consists of low calories and several nutritional contents. Nutritional benefits of lettuce are highly seen in Romain Lettuce, it is filled with vitamin A, B1, B2, vitamin C, folic acid, chromium, and manganese.

This type of lettuce is of red color and the reason behind its color is the pigment called anthocyanin. These pigments have the properties of antioxidant, eliminating free radicals that damage cells. Red lettuce contains flavonoids which are strong antioxidants.

Helps in weight lose

There are still several nutrition benefits of lettuce such as it is highly effective in weight lose practices. Lettuces have low calories and also have water in higher amount which keeps the body hydrated. Fibers are found in lettuce which helps in proper digestion and also gives strength to the body for longer time. Beta-carotene

Helps in diseases Fighting

is a useful component which increases nutritional benefits of lettuce by retarding diseases. Diseases like cataracts, heart diseases, stroke and cancer can be treated by consuming lettuce. Lettuce is highly beneficial in preventing cancer and also useful in constipation. Dietary fibers in lettuce helps the intestines work more easily to perfume good digestion. Lettuce can fight with gastric disorders, cataracts, circulatory problems, colitis and arthritis.

Great source of magnesium

There are more nutritional benefits of lettuce such as; it is great source of magnesium which is necessary for the recovery of tissues, muscles, brain and nerves. It works as catalyst in the process of recovery.

The juice of lettuce mixed with rose oil on applying on forehead can provide relief from headache. Lettuce is helpful to prevent anemia and consist of folic acid which prevents birth defects, It should be consumed during pregnancy period to get a healthy baby.

Prevents insomnia

Lettuce prevents insomnia due to the presence of sleep inducing substance called lactucarium.

Some other nutritional benefits of lettuce are that it enhances the health and functioning of liver. It is also a natural remedy which can be treated in hair loss problem by applying its juice mixed in spinach juice.

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Lettuce acts as purifying substance for the body. Antioxidants present in lettuce makes the body neutralizing harmful substances accumulate in it. Presence of potassium becomes responsible for growth of dieresis and helps to remove toxic substances from the body. Nervous excitabilities, restlessness and anxiety can also be treated by consumption of lettuce. It is also useful to maintain the body calm and relaxed.

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